Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hangin In There

Dad's at camp and we're lonely.

It's weird not having him come home in the evenings.  I had a really hard time getting to sleep Sunday night.

Things always seem to fall apart when he's absent.  The basement flooded yesterday, the garbage disposal is leaking, and the pedestal sink in the bathroom had a trickle of water coming from it.  I was able to drain the basement and put a bowl under the kitchen sink for now.  It's not that he would be the one repairing them so much, it's more just for moral support and help with the kids.  

We went to the Y again this morning.  I had my 40 minute training run.  It's different running on a treadmill but it's been a nice change.  We swam for quite a while and then mom called and said she was coming to KC.  We've had a nice lazy afternoon with Sis & Graham napping.  I even crashed for a while watching TV. 

Tanner is over at Trent's until tomorrow.  It's quiet here and we miss our Daddy.  I just pray he has a blessed week and lives are changed.  It makes it a little easier having him away when we know he's telling people about Jesus.

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