Thursday, July 8, 2010

Contentment Is A Verb

I am feeling overwhelmed by my space.

We have a lot of living beings in a modest amount of square footage.  When trying to describe my mind's current state all I can do is cover my head with my arms.  I feel piled upon. 

My mother is on her way over to hang out.  Since my van has found it's way back to our sweet Jason for repair, we are stranded.  I know she's already left her house and is on her way so I can tell you of my plans for her :)

The boys have already stripped their beds and brought their linens down for wash.  I plan to seriously purge the upstairs today.  We cleaned it really well a few days ago but it needs sorting.  There is stuff in every nook and cranny.

Jared and I love our home.  It's beautiful and so much more than we ever thought we'd have.  I need to organize, clean and maintain what we have to feel comfortable in my own space.

Once this rain passes the outside will get a once over as well.  I want to put up the porch decor that I found.  Our mower needs some repair since it mows at such a severe angle it's scalping the yard (any ideas?) and the yard looks worse after we mow it.  The driveway has better grass than the front yard and it needs a good grass killer.

In the end we are ridiculously blessed and are so thankful for the house/things God has granted.

Now I need to get to work!


Alisa said...

I completely understand your feelings. I feel much the same way lately.

I hope you get lots accomplished today with your mom's help.

Teri P. said...

I live next door to the greatest (and cheapest) lawnmower repair man ever...if you feel like bringing your mower to Leavenworth!