Friday, July 30, 2010


Our little girl has more motherly instincts than women 20 times her age (sounds impressive, keep in mind she's one :)).  I do feel the need to mention her Daddy dressed her this morning.  That would be why she's not in her typical pink attire and instead is sporting a Jayhawk jersey :)

She was created to be a mommy and even at 16mos old she is showing signs of caring for and nurturing her babies (oh and she's become a total ham for the camera):


Anonymous said...

That little doll! Bless her heart! I can just hear her "hee, hee, hee"! What a ham!

Love ya all,
G'ma Anita

NeNe said...

Awwwww,Sissy! Such a sweetheart!

Cindy Coker said...

I think she can give Nathan a run for his money!!! He's a ham extraordinaire. She is such a sweetheart. :0)