Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Quick Note

-Yesterday Cindy C. and I took our babies to the splash park in KCK.  We had a blast and the kids played for two hours.  Only down side is spray sunscreen.  I apparently missed a swipe on Anneliese's right arm.  Since this is my first season with a two piece (Tank top, normal bottoms) It didn't occur to me that there may be a 1/2 inch strip across my back that needed sunscreen.  My lower back is fried, but only about 1/2" by 6".

-I have been frantically processing what it is we're going to do for school this year.  We have used Abeka from day one and it's an extensive and very expensive curriculum.  My concern is with my working this year is if it will be too much.  After seeking council from several I was still undecided.  Until last night...I received a random email from Cory C. on facebook asking me if I knew anyone who used Abeka because she had some.  It just so happens she has Graham's complete curriculum for this year (preschool), and next year K5, plus Eli's complete curriculum for this year, brand new...not written in.   Jared has been awesome and has asked to take on some of the schooling especially for the older two.  It's our plan not to change curriculum to lessen my responsibilities, but shift the work load a bit.  I see this as an obvious answer that we should stick with Abeka and a huge blessing.  Thank you Cory for allowing God to use you to bless our lives!

-Today we are taking the younger three to Deanna Rose and Red Robin.  Jared and I debated on waiting until the older boys get home.  We decided that they are having an awesome time at camp and it would be nice to do something for the younger kids.  So off we go!

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