Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smells Like Fall!

-The kids and I have had the Roths this week for a couple days. We were so blessed by their company. Anneliese just loves Abbie and thankfully Abbie was gracious and more than willing to play with her little shadow.

-I sold some stuff, babysat a bit and lo and behold I have enough money to take my Personal Trainer exam. I wasn't so sure I would be able to come up with it anytime soon so I backed off studying a bit. I got online today and registered for the 17th of September! After I registered I called the Director at the Y (whom I previously spoke to) and left him a message letting him know I'll be employable soon. I just want to give praise to our God. He made a way when there seemed to be no way. I really believe this is the direction He's leading me since He's making it so obvious. Time to seriously hit the books!

-Running in the cooler weather is amazingly wonderful. I really needed a pick me up at this point in the training and cold fingers first thing in the morning was it! I also picked up a cheap pair of headphones that have the headband vs the inner ear buds that refuse to stay put. I had gotten into the habit of running in silence vs wrestling with the obnoxious buds. I picked out some great Christian rock tunes and headed out. It's unreal the difference in my outlook and enjoyment of the run. Another big boost was thinking I was in week 11 of training only to realize that I'm actually finishing up week 12.

-School is long, but going well. I think it will be better once the boys really get into the swing of things. For now, Brennan and Tanner think it's seriously unfair that they are at the table at least twice as long as Elijah. First grade starts off pretty basic. I'm super pleased with Tanner. I've always worried about him keeping up and any bit that he was behind in previous years seems to have dissipated. He's right on with his grade level and with A Beka that's impressive. There are just tiny remnants of the dyslexia that plagued him severely just a few years ago. I'm so proud of his sweet self.

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Cindy Coker said...

I've noticed that his reading has improved this year. He is always eager to read in Sunday school. He is a joy in class...just so you know. :o)