Saturday, August 7, 2010


As most of you remember the boys had their bikes stolen a few months back.

As we worked through replacing them, one by one our little Graham fell to the bottom of the priority list.  It's unfortunate being the youngest of 4 boys.  Jared and I prioritized Brennan and Tanner first simply because they had nothing else to ride.  Next Elijah, but still not as urgent since he still hasn't mastered a two wheeler.

Graham has a trike he rides and for a time he had an older bike that was Brennan's.  Graham, being 4, left his bike right next to (but completely out of sight) Dad's van and it got caught in the wheel rendering it useless.

Poor Graham lost his awesome bike (looked just like a dirt bike) to thieves and his junkie hand-me-down bike to carelessness.  We discussed purchasing him a new one, but it's difficult to spend $65 (he had a specific one picked out) on something that he will quickly outgrow.  This is what he wanted:

Not to mention Anneliese probably won't want a black and neon orange Jeep bike for her first cycling experience.  It's a little less painful to purchase something new if you know it will get used by multiple children.

Today Ms. Jess came over to hang out and help me with a Wal-Mart run.  I promised the boys we'd stop at any sales we saw.  There was only one and we found our deal of the day.
Sitting on the edge of the driveway was a dirty abandoned bike with two flat tires.  I told Jess, "See how much that is!  We can fix it."

How does two dollars sound?  I pulled the cash from my wallet and loaded it up.  Once we got home I worked it over with some Green Slime for the tires and adjusted the seat to the right height.  It was still "wobbly" according to Graham.  Next I adjusted the training wheels and then washed the whole thing down.  It may not be a Jeep bike but it looks just like it and for $2?!

I believe that smile says it all...priceless.


Mama said...

That's my happy boy! Awesome,Sis!!

Cindy Coker said...

Once are entirely AWESOME! I am not the bargain shopper that you are. I hope to acquire that skill. :o)