Monday, August 23, 2010

School Days School Days

Today is the boys first day of school.  We do things a bit lot differently in the Altic household.  I thought it would be funny to represent that in the boys first day picture.  This is fresh out of bed, partially dressed, still with sleep in their eyes. 

We have a very casual morning of games and breakfast.  I typically work to get all their school stuff organized and we hit the books around 11 or so depending on the toddler.  If Anneliese is agreeable we'll do a few things before lunch, if she's not we'll start school at 1 when she goes down for nap. 

This has been our routine for the last several years due to having babies.  I assume once Anneliese joins the ranks of the educated we'll have a more traditional schedule.  For now, it helps Mom to have one less vying for attention.

I am eager to see the growth that is bound to happen as my boys take on another year.  It will be amazing to see Eli master reading while Graham starts out with the basics.  I'm on the verge of having 4 out of 5 literate.  That alone is a big deal for this home schooling mom.

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