Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ocean of My Dreams

It's official!!  I will see the beach and soon!

It may sound silly to some, but I am 33 and haven't ever been blessed to see the ocean.  I have friends who claim to have a love and draw to the ocean and sandy beaches.  As a Kansas girl it's never been something I could relate to.

My precious husband, who was blessed to have a Daddy that worked for TWA, has seen more than his fair share.  He keeps trying to tell me it's no big deal but I can't help but wonder...

My friend Wendy from Joplin called me the other day and simply asked, "What are you doing this weekend."

Not a whole lot, is typically the answer :)  Her hubby to be has been deployed for a year and will be home soon.  He sold his vehicle when he left and now needs a replacement.  Fortunately for us he found just what he FLORIDA.  She and I are flying out early in the am and picking up the jeep.  We're heading to Daytona Beach for a day and half, driving to GA (that's where he's stationed) to drop the jeep off and then flying the rest of the way home.

Right now I'm in panic mode trying to organize my family but even still I'm SO excited.  Anita has offered to take the kids so she'll have the younger three until Sunday.  Brennan and Tanner have a birthday sleepover tomorrow night at the Dilley's.

It's crazy to me that it's all working out on such short notice.  What a super cool trip!!  I can't wait!  Did I mention Danny (the hubby to be) is paying for me to go so Wendy won't have to do it alone?!  Could it get any better?!!!  Plus I have a super long run on Saturday (2 hours 45 minutes) and I'll get to run it in Florida on the beach.  Umm Okay, I can handle that :)

I can't wait, have I mentioned that?  I'm SO EXCITED :)  Lots of pics to follow :)

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! I was an army brat so I grew up all over but my grandparents live in Florida so I got to go to the beach like every other summer.Then when I was 13 my dad retired and we moved there so I lived within an hour of the beach until I moved 10 years later. I have been to the beach dozens of times but it still takes my breath away every time we cross ove the bridge and see the Gulf of Mexico appear in front of us. I hope you have a great time!