Monday, August 23, 2010

SUCH A Full Weekend!!!

-This weekend was full of cake...lots of cake :) Saturday we had the Anderson's over. I made Ethan a Goomba cake to celebrate his birthday. It was special to me because we've been celebrating birthdays with the Anderson's since Ethan was a newborn. It was great to have the kids together again. They had a wonderful time.
-Sunday was Nathan's birthday. Since he's my favorite little redhead I promised to make the cake of his choice. He thought about it and had several different ideas, but he finally landed on a Kung Fu Panda cake. Whenever I make a new cake I always google images to get ideas. I wanted it to be obviously Po and not just a panda. As Jared says, "The best tasting Panda ever!"
Nathan was absolutely precious when he saw it. He told me, "It's just awesome Shannon!!!" Keep in mind he's 4. He pulled everyone from the hallway (at church) and brought them in to see it. He even grabbed me and said, "Look at my cake Ms. Shannon!!." I reminded him that I made it for him and he said, "That's right!! Thank you!! It's Awesome!!"

-Last night we had our 4x4.  At 6:30 the Roths, Carvers, Redways, and a Boczek all showed up for homemade enchiladas.  I made my best batch of salsa to date.  I seriously could have just eaten the bowl of salsa with some baked tortilla chips.  YUM!  The 4x4 was a great success as we all sat around the table and giggled for hours.

-For all of you women out there I have a link I'd really like for you to follow.  It's about birth control and I think it's exceptionally well written and a must read.  Check Amanda out over at My Life In a Healthnut Shell.  In this blog article she has great information.  It's important to be informed when making these decisions for your body and for your family.

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Anonymous said...

Shannon, I am so glad that the Coker's have you! Your family are such a blessing and an encouragement to them. Cindy is always saying, "Shannon said this or Shannon did that". It is always good!
I just appreciate Cindy having someone she can talk to and be good friends with. (She's kinda special to me...)
Nathan's cake was wonderful. He couldn't stop talking about it when he called me. They are supposed to bring me a piece when they come today, as Cindy assured me it was as tasty as it was Pretty! Thank you so much for being a good example for God! -Sandy