Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Other White Meat

Okay, one more recipe today. You know you love it :) Besides it's not so much a recipe as it is just putting together a few awesome finds.

This is ridiculously simple but so good.

First of all I've been looking for a recipe to add so I could showcase this amazing salsa Alisa found on Pioneer Woman. This is Alisa's photo from the Sweet Life. I took a pic and it just wasn't as pretty so I borrowed hers :)
I took a package of our super cheep (HA!) chicken from Price Chopper and boiled it in a cup of water and a package of taco seasoning until it was super tender.
Then I paired it with this amazing find!!!
Most of you are aware of my love of Aldi (how do you not love something that saves you SO much money??). I was thrilled yesterday when I found these wraps. They're huge, only 2 pts each, have 8 grams of fiber and they're delicious!! What's not to love?

I used one of the HUGE wraps, added a scoop of chicken, a couple tablespoons of awesome salsa, some fat free sour cream and had a very filling taco for just 4 pts! YAY, now aren't you glad I shared?

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