Monday, February 8, 2010


-I sold my first purse! I am super excited about that. It was the second one I made and I'm a little insecure about whether or not the new owner will love it. I am definitely improving with each one I make. Now that things are settling down a bit here at home I have to get back to sewing! I have several bags I want to put together.

-Apparently all the running around and short nights has caught up to me. I have a terrible cold that came on like gang busters last night. My sinus pressure is so bad my teeth hurt. I'm super thankful for DayQuil. I was able to get out of bed, make lunch and run the dishwasher. Jared decided to stay home today and I'm so thankful. I just want to lay down.

-5 pounds to goal! I'm on track to get back to my Weight Watcher's goal by my birthday no problem! Happy Birthday to me. This Sunday I went up to the attic and pulled out MY clothes. When I decided to have another baby I was already up 15 lbs from my goal so for close to 2 years now I haven't been able to wear my own clothes. I've had hand me downs and maternity clothes but finally I'm fitting into my clothes that I love. My shape is definitely different after Sis. My belly is round and only surgery can fix that so I'm not real sure how things will fit but regardless I'm giddy to be back to "normal."


Beth Eaton said...

So was your purse sold to someone you knew or a random person that just found it online? I've always been curious how they shops really do?!

Shannon said...

It sold to a friend of a friend. I've not been real happy with the Shop Handmade website but Etsy may have more traffic. I'm seriously considering making several more and just doing a craft show.