Saturday, February 13, 2010

No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane: envy

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No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane: envy

Thank you Alisa for linking to this. I honestly think all women have this struggle at some point in their lives. Recognizing who God created us to be and being the best at that is a life long struggle when there are so many amazing people out there.

I guess the lesson is to admire what God has done in their lives all while admiring what He has done in our own. The glory is His no matter which person He has given which gifts. They all belong to Him.

To God be the Glory, Great things He has done!

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Jen said...

It is SOOO funny that you posted this. NO. 17 Cherry Tree Lane is from Mary Poppins, and right before I got on the computer, I was brushing my teeth and I kept thinking about Mary Poppins! Thanks for posting!! :)