Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Anneliese loves babies. Any child that is under 3 feet is a baby to her.

Alisa Y. sent me an email with this link with a great idea!

I made Sis a photo album of babies. Not just any babies, but her brothers cousins and kitties!

Her favorite picture is our Christmas card of baby Zach. She LOVES Zachary and we even have a baby boy doll we call Zach and he's her favorite. If that doll is in sight she just lights up and offers wet slippery kisses.

It is so fun to see the fundamental differences between Anneliese and the boys. She sings to herself. She speaks softly and loves hair, anyone's hair. She'll even run her fingers through the back of her little peach fuzz. She loves to love on anything. She quickly lays her head on things to hug them all while letting out a sweet "ahhh."

Thank you Lord for allowing me to experience being a mother to our boys and our sweet baby girl.

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