Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Praising God for a Full Quiver

-What a couple of weeks! I'm starting to think our hurried pace with a frantic craze in my eye is becoming a new normal for us. I keep wishing, hoping for a day in pjs sipping hot coffee while snuggled in my bed watching Tivo'd late night. I think I may have to wait several years before that is my life vs my fantasy. Until then I am doing my best to keep my patience and soak up the giggly little children that call me mom.

-Brennan had to write a few sentences about himself in his 3rd grade journal. This is his entry:
"My name is Brennan.
My favorite colors are blue and gold.
I have loving parents that take care of me.
I like to build things out of legos."

Simple yet precious. I didn't anticipate that at 9 he would understand that we are "loving" vs disciplinarian. Thank you Lord for the little gifts you grant that give me a hope and a peace that I am in Your will.

-My daughter is almost a year old. I am blessed. She has brought so much joy to our lives and has perfectly completed our family. Thank you Lord for Anneliese Keegan.

-Graham's favorite phrase is, "Mommy, you're so so so pretty. You know why? Because you...(fill in the blank)" I have been told I'm pretty because I give him juice, because I get him matching socks, because I feed him dinner, because I love Daddy, because I kiss him goodnight. The list goes on. How beautiful that a 3 year old completely understands that my beauty is not on the outside but who I am to him and who I am to his Daddy. To Graham I am beautiful simply because I love being his mommy.

-Tanner told Jared and I that he wants to be a preacher like his Daddy. When I asked why he said, "I want to make people feel better by reminding them how much Jesus loves them." Jared and I understand that our 8 year old could quite easily change his mind, but we feel blessed that he sees Jared's ministry as something that changes peoples lives for the better. Offering Hope, what better line of work is there?

-Our little Elijah is maturing. He is our fiercest fighter and would hold onto his anger longer than any of the children. Just in the last week I have seen great progress. Eli came downstairs after we'd put the kids to bed. He'd been in trouble and spent 2 days in a row "unplugged" (grounded from all things that need batteries, electricity). He sweetly said to me, "Mommy I'm so sorry for being bad." It's a basic sentence really but not one that he has ever said voluntarily. Today he was disciplined at Aldi and due to embarrassment or pride it would typically affect his attitude for the day. Not today; while riding home he kept staring at me and when I would peak his direction I'd get a smile. I'm so thankful for the quick glimpses that all the hard work will pay off. Eventually :)


Beth Eaton said...

Shannon, I think it is wonderful how you mother your children and who you are raising them to be. I think you are a great example of what a mother should be and I just want you to know that you offer encouragement to others when you aren't even trying. Thanks for all of the glimpses of gentle mothering that you share with me!

Shannon said...

You made me cry. Thank you for your words of encouragement.