Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Zach

My Sis in law Erin gave me a call last week asking me to keep an eye out for a particular high chair. Apparently she's aware of my addiction to Craigslist and since we're broke it was kinda fun shopping for someone else.

I was a lion on the prowl and I found the exact high chair she wanted the very next day and for $25 less than anyone else was asking for it. YAY! The best part is that in order to hand over the merchandise Jason, Erin and Zach made a trip from Topeka and hung out for 3 hours! SCORE!

Have you seen this kid :)?
He's only stinking adorable. Sis and I had the pleasure of loving his sweet cheeks for hours
So I informed Erin that if there was anything else my little nephew needed just to let me know and I will find it as long as we can keep the same arrangement: I find the goods, I trade the goods for a Zach Attack!

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Alisa said...

that last picture is just great! He is getting so big already!