Saturday, February 6, 2010

Haircuts With the Altics

We have Kelby James today and tonight so I thought I would go ahead and do haircuts this afternoon. I cut all of this (that's a standard set of pliers):
Off of all of them:
Nice Eli. They are all freshly trimmed and bathed for church tomorrow. Handsome boys!
In order to take a regular picture I had to promise to take one with their toys.


Eric Young said...

Did you use the pliers or are they for scale?

Jen said...

I love all the different colors! :)

Shannon said...

Why Eric Young! I'm so flattered that you popped in to visit my little blog! The pliers were my bludgeoning threat during the haircuts so they would stay still. When I didn't end up needing them I used them for scale :)