Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seems Appropriate

This is post 666.

Are you scared? I am.

I spent quite a bit of time on the phone today talking to an insurance agent.

Let me back up a bit.

I received a phone call last week from my home owners insurance agent informing me that State Farm will not be renewing our insurance due to the fact that we've had two claims in 6 years. We are considered high risk and now we have the daunting task of finding affordable insurance when we've been labeled.

After spending the morning at Farmer's insurance hoping for a solution, I was given a rate 3x's what I was paying and I left defeated. This would increase our house payment by about $200/month.

Jared's extended family is in the insurance biz so I put out an SOS and received a call from Jared's cousin Aaron C. He was super kind and talked me down off the proverbial ledge. He gave me the name a number for an agent at Nationwide. Just as the jingle claims, "Nationwide is on your side." They were able to give us a much better policy than we had previously (covers more, lower deductible etc) for only $1300 a year vs Farmer's $3200 a year.

I have always thought that whenever something went wrong with the home you call the insurance company. After all isn't that why we pay hundreds/thousands of dollars a year? I will seriously reconsider if anything else happens. Who knew we'd be in such a predicament due to a hail storm and a flood in the kitchen.

If it were legal (our mortgage company insists on home owners insurance) I would seriously consider a type of savings account or money market account to deal with home improvements or damages. It's ridiculous that I can't access the "help" that the insurance company is paid (by me) to provide without being financially punished.

Just pray the underwriting goes through and Nationwide accepts us. Otherwise I'm not real sure what we'll do.

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