Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morning Heat Wave

Our trip to Deanna Rose was short.  We only stayed a hour.  It was insanely hot and we got there around 10.  We actually loved all the new stuff they've done.  The entrance is totally different and beautiful.

Eli's only desire for the trip was the two story slides.
He took Anneliese up the stairs and down the slide once and she loved it!
Eli headed back up with Anneliese in tow, but she fell. She fell down several wooden stairs and ended up covered in dirt and two huge goose eggs on her head. Sweet girl cried and cried.
We headed out at 11 and went to the Red Robin near Deanna Rose only to find out that it had a fire Monday and they weren't open.  Since we had gift certificates we drove clear over to 95th and Metcalf.

The food was great and the kids chowed!  Jared ordered a burger.  I had a turkey burger and side salad, Anneliese had grilled chicken and fries, Graham ordered a pizza and Eli ate a cheeseburger.  This was all that was left of our Red Robin feast:
We were so glad to get home to our nice and cool house. Anneliese crashed for almost 4 hours. We love having our Daddy home.

Dessert? The icing on the cake was Brennan and Tanner coming home safe and sound from their week at West Central Christian Camp. Thank you Ms. Jess for giving them an amazing experience. They were just giddy.


Alisa said...

sounds like lots of fun! bummer about the fire.

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

T11 really enjoyed going to West Central Camp last week.
Looks like a fun day - besides the fall. Poor Sis.