Monday, July 12, 2010

What a Great Morning!

Jared and I have had a Y membership in the past. We canceled it two years ago due to being dead broke budget cuts.  For a home school family the Y offers so much.

-It's a way for the boys to get P.E. 

-It offers me a much needed break from the kids.  They go and do their thing while I listen to worship music and have some time to myself.  This may seem minor to some but understand a home school family is together...all the one place...with out a break.

-It has so many programs for the kids from swim lessons to ball camps.

-Jared and I have a goal to break the cycle of obesity in our family and growing up with the local Y as a daily/weekly aspect of our lives will make a difference in our kids' lives in the long term.

-The indoor pool offers hours of water fun without fear of melanoma.  Very important for a fair skinned family like ours.

Needless to say I have missed it so much.  Our sweet Jess gave us a 30 day pass!  We've had it for a few months but have hoarded it waiting for the perfect time to start our precious 30 days of access.  Since Jared is at camp and we're coming into the hottest part of the summer we started it today.  I am able to go ahead with my training runs in Jared's absence and we can swim every day!

We all got up at our own pace and leisurely got ready.  We loaded up and headed to the Y.  It took just a few minutes to get signed up and get our new cards.

Since Brennan and Tanner are 2 years older there is so much available to them.  A nice gentleman took them around and showed them what equipment they are allowed to use and how to use them.  Elijah went into the older kids play area where they have Wii and other games.  Anneliese and Graham went to the child care and had a ball.

Once I was done running and doing all of 2 or 3 sit-ups (my abs are a bit weak after 5 kiddos!) I took the kids into the pool.  Sis cried for the first 15 minutes but then was fine.  Brennan and Tanner took the "swim test" in order to use the slides.  They had to jump into the deep end and swim the length of the pool without stopping.  They both made it!!  I was so proud of them since they've never had swim lessons.  Apparently having a day at Aunt Sonya's pool was all they needed.

We swam for an hour and forty-five minutes and then headed home!

What a blessed morning!  And it was FREE!  Thank you so much Ms. Jess.  We love you!

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Alisa said...

Sounds like a good time! What a nice gift from Jess!