Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Jared mentioned to me a week or so ago  that he hasn't taken his vacation yet this year.

Hmm, hadn't thought of that!  What a wonderful thing to sneak up on you!

He decided to break up a week of vaca over the course of this week and next due to an elder's meeting.  So we had him all day yesterday and he's staying home again today.

Yesterday we just stayed home other than a morning at the Y.  It was good day to just be with family lounging together and loving one another.

Today I'm hoping to go to Dave and Busters!  Several months ago they had a promotion where you could put $10 on a card anytime you went in with a coupon.  Jared had a stack of coupons (I think from Fantasy Football guys, THANKS guys!) and made it his mission to get as much as possible on a card.

He would make little trips over there while out calling and I believe he has $40-$50 on one card.  I had a card I put a couple on but Mom and I already used it up long ago.

Today is Wednesday and the games are 1/2 price so we are going to take the kids.

Next week we have a day at the Deanna Rose Farmstead planned.  Our orthodontist has lavished us with coupons to Red Robin for free kids meals.  So after a fun morning at the farmstead we're going to hit the Olathe Red Robin and have a mostly free lunch!

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