Thursday, July 15, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Jared and I have a large family (shock! I know) in a very expensive county on a single income during a downward trending economy.  It really isn't any surprise that we are struggling financially.

Our church is extremely generous and provides for our needs.  I don't want in anyway to portray anything different.

The fact is:  We've chosen a large family and with that, there are bigger bills to pay.  I am going to have to work in some capacity in order to continue to work on paying off our debts with gazelle like intensity (Hello Dave Ramsey fans :)).

If you regularly visit AlticQuiver then you are aware of the fact that I'm a self proclaimed health nut.  I have worked off and on for Weight Watchers for 7 years.  I quit working for WW after Anneliese was born for lots of reasons (feel free to ask when you have some time to spend).  I have no desire to go back.

What is a home schooling mom of 5 to do in order to bring in some extra income? 

I have been taking inventory of my talents, likes, passions etc.  I have decided to become a personal trainer.  While hanging out at the Y this week I have really been reminded just how much the kids and I miss it.  If I were to work at the Y as a trainer our family would get free membership ($100/mth value).

After calling the Director I found out a lot of information.  I have to be certified through ACE.  There is a big test to take and I have to have a current CPR and AED certification.  I found a man here in KC that just completed the test and even took a class to help him study for the exam.  He is selling all his materials for 1/3 of the cost through ACE and including all the study helps he received from the class.  The kids and I are picking them up tonight.

The pay and benefits are great.  My favorite part is I can use my previous training/education as a paramedic for the anatomy aspect of personal training and use my Weight Watchers history to help my clients achieve and maintain their personal goals.  I will be able to help with diet and exercise.

We would greatly appreciate prayers as I study my brains out and take the certification test in Aug (hopefully).  There is currently a position open in Bonner but we understand that by the time I'm certified it could be filled.  I am praying for an opening at our local Y is available once I'm certified.

Jared and I have talked about it a lot and it just seems like a great fit and a great benefit to our family.  The Lord always provides for us.  The more we look into this and things just fall into place, it seems this will be a way He provides for us in the near future.

When Life Gives You Lemons...Become a Personal Trainer


D&K said...

Praying! What a remarkable woman you are! God is doing so much for so many through you! :) Thank you for being willing to share your life and lessons with us!


Alisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I'll be praying that all works out to His will.

alanna said...

Oh, I'm praying that everything goes well and smoothly and you can get the position, if it's the Lord's will of course. Just wondering, where would the children be when you're working? I ask because when I looked into working in their childcare, I could bring my kids in and they'd be I didn't know if that was an option or not.

Shannon said...

Alanna, That's the best benefit of all! I didn't blog it simply because I haven't been hired and told that officially, but that is standard. I'm curious if the amount of kids or their ages play any part. We are really praying it all works out. That alone is huge. Like I said, the benefits are great!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea! I was wondering about the kids, too. Love you! Anita