Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Change Is A Comin'

The call came this morning.  I am officially an employee of the Providence Ball Y.

There are so many good things that come from this job.

-Health insurance.  As a part time employee I am still offered the option of health insurance for my family.  It's through Blue Cross of Kansas City and this alone is worth working for.  We've gone back and forth between no coverage and terrible coverage over the last several years.  This is a group plan that will allow me to take the kids in when I would have waited it out before.  I will sleep better at night knowing that if one of my 4 boys ends up with a broken appendage we will not go under financially.

-Family Y membership that allows my kids to participate in swim lessons and other programs at a seriously discounted price.  Graham and Elijah will be signed up for swim lessons at the earliest possible date.  Brennan and Tanner will follow (and sis eventually) but the middle two seem most urgent.

-After interviewing with the Personal Trainer boss, and the main boss, I was encouraged that my children are welcome at the Y while I work.  The main boss said he brings his kids to work when he can and as long as they're well behaved they can come.  As any working parent knows this is priceless.  I don't intend to take them every time, but having the option so that Jared is free to do his job brings so much peace! 

-Financial help.  Obviously with any job the income is usually the purpose behind it.  They are willing to let me work as much or as little as I need to.  I am so excited at the prospect of not only getting caught up on bills but even getting our emergency fund funded.  We are planning a trip to the beach for our 15th wedding anniversary and having extra income is directly related to that being reality!

-They encourage education and offer several different certifications (like the Personal Trainer Cert) that I am welcome to participate in free of charge.  I am very interested in teaching step and yoga.  

I feel like I could write bullet point after bullet point.  It's overwhelming in a lot of ways.  While it's obviously going to bless our family, it's also going to change our current dynamic.  I'm not a fan of change.  I've gone on 2 trips this last month and had to lean heavily on Jared and family to help with the kids and their school.  It has gone remarkably well and has been a great encouragement to me that my family is entering a stage where I can have more freedom away from them. 

While that tugs at my heart to type, I am fully aware that my goal as a mother is to train these little people to leave me someday and this is simply a sign that we're headed in the right direction. 

It's impossible to ignore how effortlessly this has all come together.  Way back on July 15th I stated my goal and the reasons behind it.  I started working diligently towards this and God provided everything we needed along the way.  I was provided with the books and study materials at a fraction of the price through ACE and then was able to raise the funds for the exam with little effort.  Now that I'm certified, the very job I desired came available just days before my test. 

I called the director and set up an interview and the rest is history :)

There is most definitely satisfaction that comes from setting out to achieve a goal and then doing just that.  I am so thankful to my family for being loving and supportive while I studied.

Thank you Lord for this opportunity, may I use it for your Glory!


Alisa said...

yeah! I so happy for you that everything has come together so beautifully!

Mom said...

I'm so proud of you sis! As soon as this wedding is behind us I want to sit down and get all the details oh and my new workout! :0)