Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day With the Family

Today is Thursday and Jared is home for a day of much needed well deserved rest. I had to work this morning filling in for a fellow Weight Watcher's leader. Other than that we've been together and just enjoying the rainy weather and each other.

Once I arrived home we loaded up the kids and headed to the library to pick up the last two installments of the Star Wars set. Jared has been watching them with the boys on his days off and the older two are enjoying their time with their Daddy and the Force.

On the ride home we stopped in at Cabella's and let the boys check in on the fishes and eat a sample or four of fudge.

The rest of the day we just want to lay around and be together. It's a blessing to have days like to day just to recoup a little physically and emotionally.

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