Friday, September 19, 2008

Get R Done

-Jared took our blue gingham chair out of our bedroom. I've been wanting to move it out to the garage for the garage sale. We seem to just use it to store clothes on and the room feels much bigger without it. Plus here in a couple months we'll need to move the bassinet in!

-Our room is rearranged and as soon as I find out what to do with all the clutter on my bed I'll be done. It's nice knowing it's all clean.

-My next goal for today is to mop my nasty kitchen floor. I swear it needs mopped daily and I only get to it about once a week.

-Brennan has a new mattress thanks to the Anderson's. He used to have a Bunkie mattress (for bunk beds) that is a box springs with a thin pad over the top. It was terribly uncomfortable. I told him he was getting a new mattress and his first comment was, "Is it soft?" So I'll need to get him some fresh sheets. He's really eager to sleep on it.

-Jared will be gone all day tomorrow (his day off) to speak in Fort Scott so the boys and I are enjoying the weather and trying to be super productive while dad's away.

-I figure we have one more time of mowing and trimming and we should be done for the season. The problem is when Dad's super busy literally every day of the week it's hard to find the time to do it. We're hoping for Sunday afternoon. I actually like mowing but mowing with 4 kids it is not easy or safe so we try to wait until we're both home.

-Call it "Fall" cleaning or "nesting" but either way I'm ready for a clean organized home and I'm having a hard time resting until it's done.

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