Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stupid Gadget

I finally found a Wii Fit today. I have been hoping to purchase one since before they were available in the U.S. I frequently call Game Stop and Target in the early hours to see if they've received shipments only to get an irritated employee tell me no like they've told so many others.

Jared took today off and we decided to take the kids to the Legends for a walk and a cookie after lunch. I remembered that Game Stop often got their shipments in over the noon hour so I decided to stop in. I asked the employee somewhat sheepishly if they had any to which he replied, "Yep, we just got a huge shipment in." I have been treated rather rudely in the past when I asked this question so I was a bit skeptical. I asked, "really?" And he said, "It'd be rather cruel to tell you that if we didn't have any wouldn't it?"

Why yes! It would! So he walked back to the storage and out came my new Wii Fit. Jared and I set it up and I was the first to go. I jumped up onto the balace board and it told me I was obese (there's no way to tell the thing I'm 4 months preggers), that I have terrible posture, and asked if I frequently trip while walking since my balance is so off.

Why did I want this thing again?

Kidding aside, I have a pretty serious hip issue while pregnant and my doctor told me yoga would be the best medicine. I really wanted the Wii fit for the yoga as well as the fun games for the kids. The yoga is really interesting and I'm excited to start a daily routine. We cancelled our gym membership to save money and this Wii fit is one months membership fee but now it's mine forever. It seems like a lot of fun and the idea of being weighed everytime I (or the family) get on is motivation enough to push away that extra brownie. How can that be bad?

Jared and I are both eager to play as well as get a little healthier as a family. Fun!


Jenny said...

obese. REALLY?!?!? Hmmm that sounds a bit off. Even if you weren't prego, I still would never in a million years think that.

Shannon said...

Yep Really. It goes by your BMI (Body Mass Index) and while not pregnant mine stays at a healthy 22-24. With the weight I've already gained however my BMI has jumped to an obese 28.6. I'm not super concerned since I always sock on some serious weight and within months of birth am right back with the help of Weight Watchers. Until then however my little Mii on the TV is really pudgy. When it weighs you it adapts your Mii to your weight. Mine and Jared's are pretty round while the boys are sticks. Funny!

Courtney said...

I HATE YOU!!! I have wanted it FOREVER!!!! I am still trying to figure out how to hook up our internet to it so we can play games together. :)

Shannon said...

I believe you have to have a wireless router. We are able to hook up to the internet but we have the wireless router for Jared's laptop. As far as the Wii Fit is concerned: I'm telling you, hound them. I wouldn't have ever known they had these if I hadn't asked 101 times.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting it the Christmas list right now. I had to get Links Crossbow after you guys lent it to us.
I was wondering if it was worth the purchase, now I know. Thanks.