Friday, September 12, 2008

Random Thoughts 9/12/08

-Slight Miscalculation. I officially have 189 days until my due date and 120 (we've completed 50) lessons left in home schooling. If you add in weekends, holidays, and sick days there's no way we're going to get done before this baby arrives. I know that I will be able to continue school shortly after the birth but I was really hoping to be done for a couple months. The good news is there won't be a whole lot to complete. I have just really struggled to get into a groove this year with the kids. There have been so many things going on that interrupt our week that consistency has been impossible.

-The trash needs to be taken out. After an emotional week and the thoughts and emotions of a loss still very fresh on our minds and hearts the mundane tasks seem well, mundane. It's not only necessary to do the day to day things but it's healthy. I remember after losing my dad I didn't know when it was okay to do basic things. Nothing seemed necessary in light of the events but getting to a new normal did give some purpose and healing. It's hard for me to find the balance between mourning and moving forward.

-Baby Talk. If you'll notice our baby ticker on the side of the page our little baby is changing dramatically. The head is a little more proportionate and it looks a lot like a baby :) I start week 14 today. Jared and I are both eager to find out the sex. It just seems so intimate when you know the baby by name and can pray for them and plan for them appropriately. I would love to take a survey and see what you all think. Pink or Blue? Quint or Hazel. (No comments about the names please. My pregnant emotions aren't handling it very well). Jared and I both feel torn. If it's a girl that would be new and exciting as well as SCARY, unknown, EXPENSIVE and a whole new world of issues we don't currently deal with. If it's a boy it's familiar, comfortable, CHEAPER and we feel we're really good at boys but then there's the fact we won't have a daughter. UgH.

-I'm in love with hummus. The other day the Cooper girls and I had a Greek day. They invited the boys and I out for a play date. I made homemade pigs in a blanket for the kids (we didn't figure the kids would want Greek). Amy and Christi made gyros, a Greek salad, and had hummus and pita pieces for snack. It was delicious and now I can't get enough hummus. YUM. I've never been to a Greek restaurant and until Tuesday hadn't ever had a gyro. Pretty good!!

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