Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Thoughts

-Graham is doing fantastic with his potty training. He hasn't had an accident in days. I am really proud of him. Right after he pottys he says, "Bye Bye Pee Pee, Bye Bye!" He's so stinking cute.

-I made home made spaghetti sauce tonight. The boys wanted meatballs for dinner and I didn't have any canned tomatoes. Tanner asked why we couldn't just use our tomatoes out of the garden. So I grabbed up all I had and made sauce with home grown maters! It is SOO good. The funny part is when you first blend them up it's pink! After cooking it turned red. YUMM.

-Our garage sale is this weekend (hopefully). I was planning on Thurs-Sat but I think I'll just do Friday and Saturday. I'm just not quite ready. I have quite a bit of organizing to do and I haven't listed it yet. There's so much that goes into this!

-Body pillows rock. I have been already struggling to sleep comfortably. I had decided to find some sort of body pillow to help and Target was all I needed. They had a big ol' pillow for $10 and a blue chenille cover that matches my bedroom. Snuggly. I slept so good last night that I've been dreaming about going back to bed all day :)

-You've got to check out Baby Name Wizard. It is a really interesting website. Jared and I have been totally geeking out on it. It's fun to see all the different spellings and how common the names are. Click on the tab that says NameVoyager and type away. So FUN.


Jenny said...

so did the boys like it?

Shannon said...

Yep. They ate it fine and Brennan even said, "You're right mom, it doesn't taste that different."