Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Thoughts 9/25/08

-Brennan Conner turns 8 tomorrow. We are heading to Grandma and Papa's tonight for a small celebration and to spend time with family. Friday we're heading to friends for the evening for more cake and ice cream and he gets a "date" with his NeNe. He's very excited!

-Quickening. The baby has begun to move. I started feeling our little peanut about a week ago and now get little pokes and prods daily. I love it...

-I don't mind working for Weight Watchers at all except for when it comes to staff meetings. I have to drive to Topeka Saturday for a 4 hour staff meeting. Add in an hour each way and that's a 6 hour day away from home...YUCK.

-Graham is doing fantastic with potty training. We've been able to leave the house without accidents. I am so very proud of him. GO GRAHAM!!

-I'm about to lose all patients with the whole "not knowing" what the baby is. Can we just find out already?! My next appointment is Oct 6 and I am hoping to schedule the sonogram right then and there :)

-Elijah is reading...Seriously. Jared and I have noticed our 4 year old sounding out simple words. The other day he wrote "MOM" on his paper and then at the bottom there was a heart and "Eli." We were playing Wii and he was reading the names above the images on pictures that weren't obvious. Such a blessing to see just one of the many benefits of home schooling. He's picking up all kinds of information.

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