Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Hungry

Today I took the kids to the park for a couple hours. We started home around 12:30 and after eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast I was famished.

With previous pregnancies I've struggled with low blood sugars but haven't had it so far this time. Today it hit and it hit hard. I was driving home (which is a little scary) and I started sweating and shaking. Jared called and asked the boys and I to bring him something to eat. By the time I got to the restaurant I was having trouble with my vision. Jared had called in our order so I just grabbed it up and started chowing.

By the time I was satiated I had polished off an egg roll and a half, a cup of egg drop soup, and 80% of my beef with extra broccoli. I'm a little nervous that my sugar dropped so quickly. I had a decent breakfast just 3 hours before. I'll have my blood glucose test here in a couple weeks. Until then I'll do a better job of having healthy foods on hand for just such an occasion.

I had 2 great days on Core and am right back on. I started feeling better by the end of the first day. Apparently I was retaining quite a bit of water. I've been up every 2 hours for the last two nights. My goal is to follow the program 95% of the time knowing there will be occasions here and there but overall I really want to have a healthier pregnancy. I have no trouble following it while at home. Fortunately I spend most of my time right here :)

It's kinda funny to me how many little things I've already forgotten about pregnancy (like low blood sugar). It's new and exciting each time.

P.S. Apparently according to the poll several of you think we're having a girl. Jared told me tonight for the first time he's really starting to have a feeling it's a boy. We'll see...

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