Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 Down 2 To Go

I took Elijah into the UMKC Dental school this afternoon. He had a better report than Tanner thankfully.

His doctor commented on how pretty his teeth are. I have to agree. I've actually been dreading the natural process of him losing his teeth. They are so straight and pearly white. He has a beautiful smile.

The only bad news is he needs sealant on 6 of his teeth. At $20 per tooth that won't be cheap. He doesn't have cavities...yet. Apparently his love of fruit snacks have pitted his teeth and since he's only 5 the 6 teeth with severe pitting will have cavities soon. The sealant will just almost guarantee he won't need fillings and those teeth will fall out decay free over the next several years.

I have been banned by his dentist and the instructor from buying fruit snacks. Unfortunately I have a snack drawer full of 4 boxes freshly purchased from Aldi. So when your kids come over they can help themselves (after all I don't pay your dental bills :)).

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