Monday, July 6, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

Friday night Jared and I took Brennan, Tanner and Anneliese to the Royals game. We were gifted 4 tickets (Thank you John!) and decided to let the younger boys stay with grandma while we had a date night with our eldest two.

We started out eating a yummy dinner in Platte City and then headed out.

We were super fortunate with the weather. It was rainy all morning and by afternoon the rain had stopped but the cloud coverage kept it from getting too sticky and warm. It was a very pleasant evening. The boys had no idea what to expect and they had a great time. The game was quick and the fireworks were awesome.

Tanner asked me if he could, "get that yummy stuff that feels kinda like my blanket, but is sweet and you eat it. It disappears in your mouth. Remember mommy?" We spent a good deal of the evening searching out the cotton candy vendor :) Tanner and Brennan made quick work of the $5 puff of pink.

It only started raining right at the very end right as we were leaving. God is good and provided a tram to take us directly to our van. My lame foot was quite thankful. It was a super pleasant evening and something the boys will remember forever.

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Alisa said...

looks like they had fun!