Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Process

Today is paint day! I am not a fan of painting trim. It's tedious and only mildly rewarding. Well unless I don't have to mask anything then I'm good :)

Conditions are perfect and the painting has begun. I started out repainting all my trim in the kitchen including the front door and where the ceiling meets the wall. There was a lot of blue on the trim/ceiling and even some yellow (the original wall color).

I figure if I'm going to do this I might as well take the time and make it look perfect! I'm waiting for the trim to dry and then I'll start the main color! Meanwhile the floors are acclimating in the living room.

Thank you Lord for perfect weather. Sis is sleeping and the boys are out back torturing each other. Grant me patience to work on my project and still tend to the boys with grace and love. Amen.

YAY Paint!

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