Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Pair

A few weeks back I asked everyone what would be a miracle shoe for my lame foot.

My sweet Michelle immediately responded with Birkenstock shoes. She's had great luck with them and is a huge fan.

I started looking into buying a pair but they run from $80-$120 a pair!!

Fortunately for me her mother loves Birks and often picks them up whenever she finds a good deal. She has several pair and started searching through her inventory to see if she had a pair that might fit me.
She DID! I picked them up today and honestly after a couple hours of wearing them it was the best my foot had felt in weeks. I am so thankful! I never thought I would own a pair of real Birks and now not only do I have a pair but they were free. Thank you so much Mary Lee! They are perfect and just in time for vacation.

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