Friday, July 10, 2009

Get Ready Get Set Update!

Just when I thought things were getting hairy it got a little more complicated!

Next week Jared will be at Deeper Life camp up at Mission Lake. We as a family were going to stay home due to space limitations at camp. Last night Jared received an email that there will be room for us after all! YAY! I'm very excited not to have to be home alone without Jared. PLUS the boys absolutely LOVE camp and they are giddy at the prospect of another week.

The only problem is I now have to prepare a family of 7 to be gone for a week and I only have 2 days!! EEEK.

Not only that but I'll miss a week of prep time for the floors. I had intended on painting this week while Jared's gone but it'll have to wait.

Camp, here we come!

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