Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tanner Time

Tomorrow my family will disperse.

Jared, Elijah, and Brennan are heading to camp as soon as church is over.

Graham is going with Grandma and Papa until Aunt Sonya can pick him up later in the evening. He's giddy by the way. He's very excited at the idea of staying with "my Gracie."

Tanner, Anneliese and I are heading home. Tanner has his first orthodontist appointment on Monday morning so we'll head up to camp Monday afternoon.

That leaves Tanner and I all afternoon and evening Sunday as well a good portion of Monday to spend one on one. This opportunity is rare in our family since there's so many of us. I'm trying to think of a couple things to do in order to make it special. We'll have a nice lunch, possibly T-Rex, and then head home for more camp prep and just hanging out time.

Hopefully in the brief time we have together I can fill his love cup to overflowing. He's such a sweet boy and something like this will mean a lot to him.


Alisa said...

Since you are going down there anyway, there is a nice lego exhibit (hands on) at Crown Center he might like. Have fun!

Alisa said...

well, maybe his orthodontist isn't down by the dental clinic now that I think about it. So that probably isn't very convenient.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the ideas! But his orthodontist is just south of us on K7 and Shawnee Mission. His appointment isn't until 10:45 so I thought about going to breakfast at IHOP. The orthodontist might love a little syrup during the exam :) The wonderful thing about Tanner is he just doesn't ask for much. He'd be happy just hanging out with me :)