Sunday, July 5, 2009


Starting Friday night I was feeling a little off. Not too bad, just not quite right. I told Jared my throat hurt when I swallowed but the rest of my body felt fine.

Yesterday morning I started with the fatigue and by last night I was running a fever of a 103.7. I'm pretty sure that's a record for my adult life. My body hurts everywhere and I'm exhausted.

I called the doctor this afternoon and she was gracious enough to call in some antibiotics for me. Her concern was Mono?! I just thought strep throat. Apparently we'll know if the antibiotics help. If they do...strep, if they don't...mono.

I'm feeling really anxious about work tomorrow. It's my last day and I don't feel like that's something I can miss. Hopefully the antibiotics kick in and I'll be fine to go say goodbye to my members. Otherwise it's going to be really stinky to call-in my last day.

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