Friday, July 17, 2009

Divine Design

How many of you are familiar with Divine Design with Candace Olson? It's a show on HGTV and I really enjoy it. I love how she makes over a room.

Whenever she's hired to do a room she does some research and pieces together fabrics, textures and colors and then creates a tray full of samples to show what the room will become.

Here is my Divine Design for our kitchen:

-On the left hand side is the new 2" faux wood blinds that I purchased for the dining room windows as well as the window over the sink.
-The can of spray paint is a deep chocolate paint that I will use to paint the registers so they flow better with the new floors. They are currently blond.
-The two pieces of wood to the right of the blinds is our flooring.
-At the top of the image is the golden drapes that I found at Goodwill for the dining room window and the plaid valances that I purchased at Wal-Mart to go over the sink and cover the back door.
-The can of paint has a small spot of the new wall color. It is called Sphinx. It's basically a khaki with a golden hue. I felt it was important to go light on the walls since my new floors are a rich darker color.
-Finally the backdrop for the image is the new floor mats I purchased for in front of the sink and fridge.

Tomorrow the paint goes up! If anyone wants to help by taking my children or coming over and wielding a paint roller I'm taking all offers :)

Monday the old floors are being ripped up by Richard and I.

Wednesday while I'm at the Dentist with Brennan, Elijah, and Graham (plus Sis of course) Jared and Tanner will be home while the new floors are installed!

I'll have a whole new kitchen by the weekend! I can't wait to see it all done and I'm super excited at the warm colors and I think it will blend better with my house as a whole vs the KU blue my kitchen has been sporting for the last 12-18 mos :)

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