Saturday, July 25, 2009

Undwear Irony

Our sweet friend Terry F. at church gave the boys a box of toys and clothes.

The kids have had a wonderful time going through the treasures and playing with each individual item.

They've enjoyed it so much Brennan said,"Mom, it was so nice of Terry to give us all this cool stuff. We should make her a thank you card."

Yes, we should. I told him not to worry that I had an entire box of thank you's I'd yet to open from the baby shower (I feel the need to explain I wrote 90+ thank you's and this was left over and not because I didn't thank everyone for their extreme generosity to our family :)).

I went to get the box, opened it and found it had not a single thank you card in it. Instead it had this:
An adorable pair of panties embroidered with Anneliese's name. How cute is that?! It had a matching headband. I had no clue this was in the box. I also don't have any idea who made this for my sweet little girl. So here's the irony. A beautiful gift that needs a thank you in an empty box of thank you cards.

I have 2 goals...

1) Take a picture of my cherubic little girl in her panties and headband with her fat little arms and legs exposed. How CUTE!

2) Find out who gifted such a thoughtful gift and thank them! Do you recognize these unders?

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