Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Big Fat Greek Floor

To all you laminate owners out there I have the tip of a lifetime.

While the very polite, extremely professional installers were here (CW Flooring; Shannon Webb (816) 217-6562; they're stinking awesome you simply must call) I asked them how to avoid the stereotypical streaking on my flooring.

I love the durability of the laminate flooring but every time I mopped you could see exactly where I mopped and the direction in which I did so. I tried several different cleaners and some streaked less than others but ultimately I had the same result.

His answer? Windex of course. Simply spray the flooring as you go and use a sponge mop. Not only is mopping a breeze but you don't run the risk of over soaking your laminate. Remember water and pergo don't mix, that's how we got here in the first place.

I simply rinse out the mop when I'm done and it's ready for next time. SO SIMPLE and virtually no streaks!


Alisa said...

I just use vinegar and water. Works great, no streaks and it dries super fast.

Shannon said...

What kind of mop do you use? I've tried vinegar and water on the old floor and I still had streaks. Maybe it was the floor :)?