Saturday, July 25, 2009

Colorado, Bitter Sweet

We are counting down to take off.

Our family is heading out to Colorado Springs early Monday morning. Daddy booked us a nice hotel with a pool for some relaxing and playing Monday night. Tuesday will be spent seeing the sights in Colorado Springs and spending time with family. We plan on heading to the San Luis Valley Tuesday night and stay with more family.

The actual family reunion starts on Thursday so we'll head out to Westcliff, Co then.

We are excited to have a vacation. The last time we did any traveling like this was 3 years ago when my dad died. Not exactly vacation. Before that we went to Omaha, Ne for the zoo and we only had 3 children then :) Actual vacations are a rarity for a family our size. The sheer cost of travel is mind numbing.

We are thankful to Dennis and Bernie (Jared's Uncle and Aunt) for hosting the reunion. It sounds like it's going to be the event of a lifetime. We are staying at the Clark Ranch (Clark is Anita's maiden name). You'll have to check it out.

Everything sounds wonderful I'm just having quite a bit of anxiety about the whole trip. Colorado has always been equated with time spent with Dad. July 22nd was the anniversary of his passing. Heading out this time of year is reminiscent of the trip we made when he was injured. The whole event was very traumatic and I well with emotion at the thought of it. I'm thankful for the new memories we'll make but wish the event could be held in another state :*(

That's not asking too much is it?

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