Thursday, July 9, 2009


We were gifted a cute pink bumbo seat from Kim H. Anneliese LOVES it and I do to. She hangs out with her brothers. All I have to do is sit her her amongst them in her little seat and she's content for 30 minutes or more.

The cutest thing is when she watches TV with the boys. They pull her near and she zones into the TV and really watches Dora and Diego.

Now to switch gears...

When I was working as a nurse there was an old phrase that went like this, "Ambulation cures constipation." Ambulation is a fancy word for walking. I would like to change this phrase since I have found a much better cure.

The bumbo!

Every time....literally every time I place Sis in her pink foamy seat she has a massive explosion. I'm not sure if she relaxes due to it's comfort. It could be she folds in half just at the right spot. Regardless I'm seriously considering purchasing the bumbo potty chair since it has such a profound affect on her.

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Katie Franke said...

I had NO IDEA there was a bumbo potty seat!!! Caleb loved his seat as well and it helped with his dirty diapers too!! We used it for a while as his "high chair". He liked it so much and its so easy to take places. He loved being near his brothers and some restaurants just have those wooden high chairs and he wasn't quite ready for that but didn't want stuck in his car seat either.
...I am going to have to look into this....bumbo potty!!