Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home Early

-We're home! We came home a day early for a multitude of reasons. One being my little man had a free ride with his Papa to the board meeting and I was able to see him tonight verses tomorrow. Graham loves to hang out with extended family but we're always eager to get him back.

-Anneliese seems to be doing better with her traveling. We made it all the way to Lansing from camp without a tear. She only screamed the last 10 minutes of an hour and twenty minute drive! That my friends is progress.

-Another reason for my early departure is I'm starving. Since I'm still working on losing the baby pudge I take my own food and steer clear of the camp food. They switched things up a bit this week and didn't do their normal menu plan so that in turned messed me up just a little. I survived the week on shredded wheat, lettuce, cottage cheese, and a little bit of chicken. I was eager to get home and get back to my normal surroundings and normal foods.

-I'm not sure if it's the menu or just being away from home but this marks the second week of camp where I had pretty severe stomach upset. I was ready to come home simply because my belly hurt...bad.

-Wednesday is when our floors go in. I have to pick them up tomorrow in order to give them time to acclimate before the installation. Being home tonight makes tomorrow much less complicated. I'm also planning on painting this weekend as well as severely de-cluttering the kitchen in prep for the tearing out of the old floors.

-The laundry-a-thon has begun, but my babies are in their own beds, the dogs are crashed out on the floor, and I have a generous pan of spaghetti bake in the oven waiting to be devoured. Home sweet home!

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