Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do You Need Some Pink?

Anneliese is quickly outgrowing her infant accessories. I am looking to sell a few things to help with her older brothers dental bills :)

-A beautiful Boppy Bouncy seat that is soft pink and tan from Target. It was $30 ish new and she's only used it maybe 10 times. I put her in it last week and she ended up upside down and hollering because she tried to weasel out of it and she was strapped in. I think she may be too big for it now.

-A pink bathtub also from Target that has a detachable sling for when they're brand new. I loved this tub and she's just now stopped using it since she can sit in the sink on her own. It was $20 new.

-A Boppy with two different soft pink covers (one striped one floral). I used this when she was tiny to prop her up in and haven't really used it much since. It's a great tool but honestly I was too chubby post baby to use it comfortably for nursing. The pillow itself was $30 ish and I have the original packaging and the covers were $10 each.

-A pink bumbo with tray. The bumbo was $30 new and the tray was $10. I'm not quite ready to part with this but she'll simply be too big for it soon. I have LOVED this thing. It's a portable high chair, toy station, and all around baby entertainer as well as beautiful table center piece (when the baby is using it :)). I still have the original boxes for these as well. If you want to reserve this I'll let you know as soon as I'm ready to let it go.

-A black and white toile Evenflo sling. A lot of you saw my little princess sound asleep in this wonderful invention. She is officially ridiculous when I try to put her in it. I used it as long as possible. These are $20-$30 new and are meant for 0-6 months. This was the only thing that got us through those evening colic spells.

If you're interested in one or more shoot me an email or leave a comment with an offer or any questions. I honestly feel guilty these wonderful things have only had one baby to use them. I'm used to wearing things out so hopefully someone out there can get some more wear out of these super cute pink baby gems.

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Alisa said...

I think my sister wants everything but the tub and the sling. What are you asking?