Friday, October 23, 2009


-I know you are all dying to know how my cat's litter box is doing. I figured I better hurry and give you an update :) So far it's purrrfect. I've read some pretty stinky (the puns for this are awesome) reviews for it online but I'm really happy with it. It seemed that the people that were unhappy with it had 3-4 or more cats. I venture to say such people couldn't ever be happy about anything since they own 3-4 or more cats.

-My daughter loves me. She is sleeping 12+ hours every night now for 8 days. For those of you who's children slept through the night at 2 minutes old you're thinking, "it's about time, how old is she?!" Then there are those of you who are cursing my very name for mentioning it because your 13 year old still gets up and 12 and 4 for a sippy cup. The reason why it's such a big deal to me is I home school and I am not nice when I'm exhausted. The boys, Jared and I all appreciate her willingness to slumber in her snugglie little bed all the way upstairs for the whole night. YAY Anneliese, KEEP IT UP (or mommy will turn off the monitor :)).

-I will be attending a wedding tomorrow. Just the thought of this wedding makes me smile and warms my heart. God is good and works all things to His glory for those who love Him!

-Sis is days from crawling. She currently gets on all fours rocks back and forth. It will happen in no time I'm sure.

-I just proof read my blog before posting and deleted multiple really's. Apparently I really want you to understand how strongly I feel about things. Really.


Jen said...

I would be perfectly happy with 3-4 cats thank you very much!


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Mom Anita