Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Purrfect Purrchase

You may think I'm nuts but I am very very excited about my new purrrrchase.

Jared and I are now the proud owners of an automatic litter box.

We have company on a regular basis and my nemesis is the odor that wafts through the back of the house from the litter. We aren't good about cleaning it regularly and often while I'm doing laundry I'm accosted by the smell of well...ick.

I don't really mind the cat. In fact since I've adopted two dogs I have a new found respect and love for Kayla. She is self sufficient and very low maintenance. I've always thought if it weren't for the litter box she'd be perfect!

Well we have a computerized potty for our cat. If that isn't ridiculous I'm not real sure what is, but...

1) It smells remarkably better

2) I am significantly more content with my home since it does not smell of ammonia and I've regained the cat bathroom, I mean second bathroom.

3) I have 1 less job to do and as a mother of 5 you can see that alone makes it worth it!

4) Last but most definitely not least, the dogs can no longer snack from the box. It has a sensor and cleans itself 10 seconds after the cat leaves. The cat's business is pushed into a closed receptacle for later disposal.


Beth Eaton said...

You will have to tell me if it was worth the investment. I would love to get one but can't see spending the money.

Shannon said...

We bought ours off craigslist & saved over 30% and it was brand new in the box!! I'll let you know how it goes!

Danielle Pope said...

I wish we would have had one of those when we had our cat. I hated that job!!! And I was the only one to do it except when I was pregnant. The smell can be overpowering too.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure which is stranger....the fact that you wrote a blog about cat poop which includes a reference to your dogs eating said cat poop.... or the fact that I read the blog and found it purrfectly normal. :)