Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Skulls, Squirrels & Savings

I took the kids to goodwill in Bonner today to rid ourselves of 3 trash bags full of unwantedness.

While we were there I decided to check out the boys wear and see what was available for Brennan and Tanner.

They actually had quite a bit and the cashier said typically there's lots of girls clothing and not anything for boys. Thankfully they've seen a huge influx of boy wear and are planning to put out tons more (fyi).

We purchased more than 10 shirts/hoodies and 4 pairs of nice jeans plus a new pair of Nike all for $54!!! Now that's a bargain.

I just let the boys browse for what interested them. Tanner picked out a black hoodie with a glow in the dark skull on the front and a shirt with small fuzzy squirrels on it. I know that sounds diverse but that's our Tanner; skater dude with a mix of sensitivity and a love of all things fuzzy.

Brennan really likes shirts with witty sayings on them. So he ended up with a red shirt that says, "Does anyone want my parents?" I don't mind since I know he is respectful of Jared and I. The part that made me giggle is when he found a plain gray turtle neck. He begged for it and I let in. He immediately asked if I would wash it so he could wear it today. Tanner with his skulls and fuzzies, Brennan with his wit and conservatism hmmmm.

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Alisa said...

Tanner and Corban are amazingly similar. Sounds just like stuff he would pick out.