Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

-Brennan requested a Nintendo DS yesterday. Brennan's never requested anything like this before. His wish list usually includes the newest Star Wars Lego set or a new Bionicle (both in the $10 range). The part that seemed "older" to me was his list of reasons why this would be such a good investment for him :) I've started looking into used ones and games. He offered to use his birthday money to aid in purchasing it. The whole interaction just seemed too mature for my little boy.

-Tanner is reading. He has a voracious appetite for reading. Yesterday he spent the evening seeking out books that he could finish easily and then added up the pages. He read 63 pages last night just for fun. Dyslexia schmexia my little boy is amazingly smart and determined.

-Elijah no longer has a lisp or impediment of any kind. I've realized as of late when I quote him I don't sound anything like him. He speaks clearly and sounds really eloquent. Where'd my fuzzy little brown bear go? Before bed last night he ran to me and asked for a hug and kiss. After I loved on him he smiled and said, "I love you so very much mom."

-Graham loves other children his age. Clara is his "best friend" and he is giddy when she's around. Yesterday Kelly B came by with her little Tyler and he couldn't wait to play with her. He successfully coaxed her away from her mother and they played dinosaurs in the boys room while we sorted through maternity wear. He's potty trained, independent, and loves to socialize. He's quite the charmer.

-Anneliese is almost 7 months. She sits up, eats from the table, and the other night I heard, "maa maaa maaa maaa" through the monitor.

I need to stop typing and go get a kleenex.

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Christi said...

It's just awful that they grow up, isn't it? I bought Jenna some winter clothes yesterday and they are 5Ts. She's wearing a set today and looks so big. :(