Saturday, October 17, 2009


-I just had to buy normal sized hangers for the boys clothing. The little kid hangers aren't wide enough for their shirts. It may sound silly but that really gave me pause. My boys are too big for little hangers...

-Anneliese has a new dolly. Her name is Sara. In fact all of her dolls will be named Sara until she's able to protest. When I was a little girl my dollies carried that name. Not sure why but it just seems appropriate to pass that down :) There is a video of Anneliese meeting Sara for the first time. Watch for it, it's precious.

-Tonight is the Jones bonfire. It starts at 6 and I look forward to it all year. I LOVE THE JONES' BONFIRE! I will be making chocolate chip cookies all afternoon and the kids and I will be bundled up and ready to go far before it's time simply due to the giddiness we all share. YAY fall, YAY bonfires, YAY hayrides, YAY jack-o-lanterns, YAY hot cocoa!!!

-Jared's ankle is much improved visually. It was crazy swollen and even his toes were purple with bruising. He's still hobbling quite a bit but after he heeded my advice, iced it, and wrapped it you can actually identify it as an ankle. Poor guy, it is a nasty sprain.

-Having had a manicure I think it just maybe what I need to stop chewing my nails. My little nubs look so nice and my cuticles are in great shape I simply don't want to mess it up. I am still surprised at just how much that day recharged me. Jared said he didn't know that I would enjoy stuff like that so much and I couldn't help but reply, "neither did I!" As a mom of 5 that home schools, time to myself is priceless and having that time filled with pampering was heavenly. I think I may have figured out my love language for this stage of my life. I really felt loved through that gift.

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