Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Momentus Randomness

-Anneliese took her 1st bath as a big girl today! She sat confidently in the tub splashing and kicking. So big!

-I have 5 pairs of size 10 jeans that fit. I would say that officially makes me a 10! I'm down 60lbs and a only 10 lbs from my prepregnancy weight! Do you hear that cute little size 6's? I'm on my way!!

-Brennan recieved his appliances today. His mouth looks like he swallowed a shiny robot. He's self conscience but he actually speaks really well.

-October is pastor appreciation month. I dare to say NO ONE appreciates their pastors and their families as generously as WCCC. Tomorrow morning Cindy and I are being taken out for a facial, pedicure, and brunch! Cindy and I are giddy. Thank you Pam!!

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