Saturday, December 19, 2009

5 days Til Christmas!

Saturday before Christmas and all through the house lots of creatures are stirring but I doubt one's a mouse (because of the cats, get it...)

I'd have to look up Night Before Christmas to keep that going since I barely know the story so that'll have to do.

I started laundry when I woke up this morning. Today marks the beginning of our 2 week Christmas vacation and I decided to get caught up on everything. The scary part is that it's 9:00 pm and the washer and dryer are still going. They've only had brief breaks in between loads. I'm trying to decided whether or not to stay up until it's complete but as you all know laundry is never really done.

I've ran my dishwasher 3 times just today so apparently I've let things go longer than I should've. In my defense I've also made 2 dozen home made cinnamon rolls and fed my family 3 times.

We have a guest tonight. Reese M. is staying over for Tanner's birthday. He came bearing gifts. The sweet little boy insisted his mom buy me a gift for inviting him over. My kitchen smells like fresh flowers thanks to my new candle. What a polite, sweet boy. He's pretty taken with our menagerie. Dana said he wrote an entire paper for school about his "pets" all of which are neighborhood strays. He and Tanner definitely connect on that level. Reese was giddy that Leukas (the new kitty) would be sleeping with he and Tanner.

Christmas is nearly here. Jared and I are so excited for the kids to open their gifts since most of them have been purchased for months now. We desperately try to stretch our holiday dollars as far as possible. We figured out (thanks to my husband's holiday gift spreadsheet) that we have twice the money in value than actual dollars spent due to thrifty shopping and getting started early. The kids will be thrilled and so will we.

Tomorrow is our first Sunday going back to one service. It's really nice that we are having one service for Christmas Sunday. It's always so nice to see everyone and having two services made that difficult. I always worry people slip through the cracks because you assume they were at the other service.

God is really blessing WCCC and I can't wait to be with my church family and worship our King.

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